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The Spotlight Podcast

The Spotlight Podcast is a media platform for all career athletes to manage their brand and tell their story during the recruiting process. It gives them a chance to give college recruiters a chance to get to know them holistically on and off the field as people and not just as athletes.

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ConnectED Athlete

ConnectED Athlete is a networking and brand development-focused social media platform that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to help all male and female athletes at every level build their brand, develop organic connections and leverage authentic relationships with people who can assist the athlete in their life, during and after their sports career.

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ConnectED Athletics is a start-up technology company based in Austin, TX focused on building a global professional networking and social media community to help career athletes successfully transition from HS to college to a professional career where they can leverage their highly valued athletic skill set in the job market. Our team is made up of all current career athletes who have experienced the athlete life cycle transition and have created a suite of products and services for student-athletes, coaches, trainers, fans and sports-related job seekers, employers and fans.


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