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What is RAWW?

Recruiting Athletes Worldwide (R.A.W.W.) is a social media app that looks like the love child if LinkedIn and Instagram hooked up. It's a cutting-edge app that allows career athletes across the 90 NCAA sports  to connect and network with other players, coaches and recruiting staffs, trainers, club teams and fans in their own creative style as they develop their brand during the recruiting and transition process. Stay in contact for when the RAWW app hits both the Apple Store and Google Play stores in (January 2022).



Use RAWW as your sports only social media app to connect and network with other athletes, college coaches, trainers, club teams and fans. Build your brand by posting content about who you are, on and off your field of play.  Showcase your academic, athletic, talent and your intangibles like character, integrity & purpose.


College Coaches

Use RAWW to not only to discover new prospects but to obtain information that will allow you to beat out your competition. RAWW is not just another "player database" app, it's a content-rich tool to win the commitment battle on signing day! RAWW will give you a 360-degree holistic view of prospects to ensure that they fit into your team culture and your locker room chemistry.


Trainers/Club Teams/Fans

Use RAWW to enhance the athlete recruiting process by not only improving their skills and competition level but advocating for them on the recruiting intangibles. Fans will eventually be able to follow RAWW athletes in a "view only" model to keep up with who their favorite team is recruiting.

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